Tips and Tricks

Big Bear on a Budget: Affordable, cheap hotels, cabins, resorts and more!

Looking to getaway without breaking the bank? Big Bear Lake is a beautiful Southern California destination to enjoy a family vacation. Save money and headache with simple ways to make your vacation more affordable.

A vacation is a perfect way to connect with family and friends, breaking away from the busy grid-lock traffic and everyday routine of normal life. It’s a chance to explore nature, to relax and to make memories. A vacation can also be expensive, and only affordable one or two times a year. But this doesn’t have to be the case! Get away to Big Bear Lake and enjoy multiple vacations by these money-saving tips:

Tip #1: The Shoulder Season

It’s simple economics: Traveling when everyone else is traveling will greatly raise the cost for almost all expenses including gas, food, attractions, and especially accommodations. Many people want to travel during school breaks, holidays and during the best weather, but costs can be more than twice normal rates!

Typically, shoulder season is the time between high (peak) season and low season. In Big Bear Lake, there is no low season, but Spring and Fall are two periods of transition between the busiest periods of Winter and Summer. You’ll find the best rates for accommodations during Spring and Fall, as well as some amazing deals!

Here’s the secret many Big Bear travelers don’t yet know about either: There’s a ton to explore in Spring and Fall! Big Bear Lake opens for boating as early as April 1. During a good snow year, it’s the only time you can go fishing on the lake in the morning and skiing at Snow Summit or Bear Mountain in the Afternoon. While many people might Spring Break to the beach, a mountain escape is definitely an affordable option.

In the Fall, Big Bear Lake has a wonderful Oktoberfest, as well as the best fall color in Southern California! Many businesses will join in on the Falltacular
and offer special Fall discounts and rates starting as early as September.

Tip #2: Mid-Week

According to CNBC, only 28% of Americans planned to max-out there vacation days in 2019. In fact, the average American only took 54% of their paid time-off in 2018. If the barrier for vacation is expense, mid-week trips to offer some of the best rates for a vacation in Southern California, full-stop, period. Combined with tip #1, it’s almost frightening to think about the price difference between a peak season weekend-vacation and a mid-week shoulder season trip!

Tip #3: Deals, deals, deals!

During slower periods, lodging companies will offer special room-rates or vacation packages that may feature free tickets to Oktoberfest, free pontoon boat rentals, or even free nights with an extended stay!

Tip #4: It’s all about the selection

Instead of searching for hotels, or searching for cabins, why not see both prices side-by-side? Along with the best rates, offers the best selection of accommodations to browse through and find the best lodging option for your vacation. Check out lodging accommodations today!