Big Bear Valley Astronomical Society

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The Big Bear Valley Astronomical Society (BBVAS) is a group of individuals from all walks of life and all levels of knowledge that have come together to share the joy, wonder and science of Astronomy among themselves and with the general public.

Big Bear Valley is blessed with great conditions for astronomy. The high altitude gives us very good transparency and, considering our proximity to the population centers in the L.A. basin, we enjoy relatively dark skies year round. It is no coincidence that the Big Bear Solar Observatory has called Big Bear home for over 40 years.

BBVAS meets monthly on the second Thursday of the month at 6:00PM via Zoom meeting.

We hold monthly star parties on Saturdays closest to the new moon and a Sidewalk Astronomy event in the Village on Saturdays closest to the first quarter moon. Both events are held during the Spring and Summer months only and weather permitting.