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A More Beautiful Valley, One Pound at a Time

For the second winter in a row, Care For Big Bear has partnered with local landscapers NativeScapes on a trash and sled debris cleanup initiative.

This winter season NativeScapes has collected approximately 3,000 pounds of garbage in December 2021 and January 2022. February's efforts brought in 2,450 pounds of litter. NativeScapes owner Marty Murie shared that most of the garbage is sled debris as well as small pieces like paper and wrappers.

While Care For Big Bear's partnership extends through the winter months, Murie continues the cleanup effort into the summer averaging about 500 pounds of trash each month. This cleanup initiative is made possible by Visit Big Bear. The destination marketing organization is committed to taking an active role in tourism sustainability by implementing initiatives throughout the year.

Poppy Awards 2022 Winner of the Destination Stewardship & Sustainable Travel Award

Care For Big Bear was awarded the 2022 Poppy Award for Destination Stewardship & Sustainable Travel Award!

"The Visit California Poppy Awards are a biennial contest that honors the best and brightest of California tourism promotion. Winners are selected by a panel of industry marketing experts in 9 categories ranging from best public relations campaign, to best digital campaign to best cooperative marketing campaign. Submissions are reviewed by Visit California staff, then blind judged by industry committee leadership.

"The Destination Stewardship & Sustainable Travel Award recognized that even during the pandemic, some parts of California continued to see environmental and management pressure points due to large influxes of visitors in peak travel seasons. This category recognizes efforts to reset and create a more balanced recovery — one that continues to deliver economic benefits but also addresses negative environmental and socio-cultural impacts."

Operation Porta-Potties & Dumpsters

Since 2020, Care For Big Bear has funded the placement of additional porta-potties and dumpsters throughout the Valley. Facilities have been placed in Forest Service parking lots at trail heads and picnic areas as well as other high traffic areas that see snow players and outdoor recreationalists. Keep an eye out for the Care For Big Bear logo and pitch in by tossing your litter - and any you find - into the receptacles. Together we can keep Big Bear beautiful and sustainable for generations to come!

Big Bear Lake FAQs

Dumpster Locations

Dumpsters can be found at the following locations in the Valley. If you find a dumpster or trash can that is full or overflowing, kindly take your trash to a Clean Bear Site or dispose of it at your accommodations.

  • Juniper Point Picnic Area
  • Aspen Glen Picnic Area
  • Woodland Trailhead
  • Cougar Crest Trailhead
  • Alpine Pedal Path at Elementary School Crossing
  • East Public Boat Launch Ramp
  • City Public Parking Lots
  • The Civic Center Campus
  • Stanfield Cutoff

Public Restroom Locations

Public restrooms are located at:

  • Bartlett Public Parking Lot
  • Pennsylvania Public Parking Lot
  • Knickerbocker Public Parking Lot
  • Civic Center Campus
  • Rotary Park
  • Boulder Bay Park
  • Stanfield Cutoff
  • Cougar Crest Trailhead
  • Woodland Trailhead
  • Aspen Glen Picnic Area
  • Juniper Point Picnic Area
  • East Public Boat Launch Ramp

Parks & Rec Locations

Addresses & Info

  • Meadow Park (Big Bear Lake)
  • Ski Beach (Big Bear Lake)
  • Sugarloaf Park
  • Miller Park (Fawnskin)
  • Dana Point Park (Fawnskin)
  • Erwin Lake Park
  • Tennis Ranch (Erwin Lake)

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Community Projects

Better Together

Care For Big Bear has partnered with local business, Nativescapes for the second year in a row on a trash cleanup initiative for the winter season. Marty Murie, owner of Nativescapes, leads the cleanup project with his crews performing daily sweeps throughout the Valley.

The crew has been hitting popular areas like Aspen Glen picnic area, Snow Forest, and North Shore locations. They have also been clearing overflowing trash from dumpsters in town and educating visitors on the need for Adventure Passes and legal snow play.


Shoreline Cleanup

Care For Big Bear hosted their first ever community cleanup event in August 2021. The cleanup efforts stretched from Stanfield Cutoff to the Dam with the help of Big Bear Mountain Resort. We thank all the volunteers who came out to spend their Saturday morning clearing away litter from the shorelines. Numerous bags were hauled away including discarded piping, plastic siding, lawn chairs, shoes, fishing line and more.


Public Lands Day

Care For Big Bear partnered with the Southern California Mountains Foundation on a trash cleanup and trail work event for Public Lands Day 2021!

Local and visitor volunteers took time out of their Saturday to collect trash from community parks and participate in trail work at the Maple Hill Trail system. We thank these environmental heroes for being the positive change in our community!


National Trails Day

Care For Big Bear teamed up with the Southern California Mountains Foundation on National Trails Day for a trail clean-up initiative.

Four information kiosks offered trail users info on the Valley and free gifts to those who took a trash bag and returned it full from their walk along the trails.

Learn about the Southern California Mountains Foundation and all the programs they offer for eager volunteers year-round!