Care For Big Bear

Preserve Our Natural Playground

Care for Big Bear is a new and ongoing sustainability campaign presented by Visit Big Bear to empower our community through the cooperation of our loved and respected locals and loyal visitors.

Our Mission

This is a lifelong agreement between Big Bear locals and visitors. This is our call to action for all who love Big Bear to preserve, protect and unify our natural playground for future generations to enjoy. Through education, motivation, and awareness we all unite to Care for Big Bear on an endless scale. When we work together to Care for Big Bear, we vow to Care for our community, Appreciate our natural environment, Respect our neighbors and Enjoy our valley together.

Big Bear Lake FAQs

Dumpster Locations

Dumpsters can be found at the following locations in the Valley. If you find a dumpster or trash can that is full or overflowing, kindly take your trash to a Clean Bear Site or dispose of it at your accommodations.

  • Juniper Point Picnic Area
  • Aspen Glen Picnic Area
  • Woodland Trailhead
  • Cougar Crest Trailhead
  • Alpine Pedal Path at Elementary School Crossing
  • East Public Boat Launch Ramp
  • City Public Parking Lots
  • The Civic Center Campus
  • Stanfield Cutoff

Public Restroom Locations

Public restrooms are located at:

  • Bartlett Public Parking Lot
  • Pennsylvania Public Parking Lot
  • Knickerbocker Public Parking Lot
  • Civic Center Campus
  • Rotary Park
  • Boulder Bay Park
  • Stanfield Cutoff
  • Cougar Crest Trailhead
  • Woodland Trailhead
  • Aspen Glen Picnic Area
  • Juniper Point Picnic Area
  • East Public Boat Launch Ramp

Parks & Rec Locations

Addresses & Info

  • Meadow Park (Big Bear Lake)
  • Ski Beach (Big Bear Lake)
  • Sugarloaf Park
  • Miller Park (Fawnskin)
  • Dana Point Park (Fawnskin)
  • Erwin Lake Park
  • Tennis Ranch (Erwin Lake)

Show Us How You Care For Big Bear!

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National Trails Day

Care For Big Bear teamed up with the Southern California Mountains Foundation on National Trails Day for a trail clean-up initiative.

Four information kiosks offered trail users info on the Valley and free gifts to those who took a trash bag and returned it full from their walk along the trials.

Learn about the Southern California Mountains Foundation and all the programs they offer for eager volunteers year-round!

Recycle Your Sled

Big Bear's Leoco Fence Co. a lead a plastic sled collection project. Sledders were invited to bring their broken or unwanted plastic sleds to the Big Bear City location to be recycled.

Leoco Fence Co:
501 W. Big Bear Blvd.
Big Bear City, CA

Better Together

Care For Big Bear partnered with local business, Nativescapes on a trash cleanup initiative for the 2021 winter season. Marty Murie, the owner of Nativescapes, lead the cleanup project with his crews performing daily sweeps throughout the Valley.

Funding for the campaign was provided by Visit Big Bear, the local destination marketing non-profit, taking an active role in tourism impact mitigation posed by tourist traffic in the Valley.