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Thank you for choosing Big Bear Lake for your next vacation getaway, we're here to help you with the arrangements. Find everything you need from directions and road conditions, to public transit info and seasonal travel safety, to FAQs and more. You'll become an expert on places to stay, where to eat, and what to do. Call 1-800-424-4232 to reach our Visitor Center staff for additional help on all of your vacation planning needs.

Please Travel Responsibly

When planning your trip to Big Bear Lake, consider these important items to make your getaway as smooth and hassle free as possible.

Check Weather Conditions

No matter the season, weather can put a damper on travel plans. Be sure you're prepared for any rain or snow conditions during your travels and try to plan road travel during clear, favorable weather.

Local Big Bear Weather Forecast

Check Road Conditions

Big Bear road conditions can be the toughest to navigate in the winter months with snow and ice. Plan your road travel during favorable weather and be sure to carry tire chains in your vehicle from November 1 through April 30 every year. Road work and weather conditions can close roads into mountain regions. Be sure to check road statuses before you leave home and always have a backup route in mind.

Locate EV Charging Stations

When travelling to Big Bear in an electric vehicle, it is highly recommended that you plan for charging station access. Be sure your accommodations provide charging stations or that a location is handy nearby. We recommend calling your accommodations ahead of time to assure adequate access. While some public charging stations are available, they are not widespread in the valley.

EV charging stations in Big Bear:

  • Pennsylvania Public Parking Lot (not a supercharger)
  • Bartlett Public Parking Lot (not a supercharger)
  • Village Pizzeria/Coffee & Tea Exchange (Tesla chargers)
  • Holloway's Marina (open to RV park guests)

Consider Carpooling

Peak visitation times to Big Bear can see heavy traffic and delayed travel times. Help cut back on traffic congestion when you carpool with your travel mates. As many accommodations have limited car allotments for guests, make it easy and travel in one vehicle. Our natural environment will also thank you!

Use the Free Big Bear Trolley

Once you're in Big Bear, use the Free Big Bear Trolley to get around town. Three trolley routes connect you to the ski resorts, grocery stores, The Village, and several neighborhoods. Using the trolley also helps the community cut down on traffic.

Also consider Public Transportation to and from the Big Bear valley. Trains and buses connect Big Bear with the Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego areas.