Three friends hike along a Big Bear trail during fall. The oak forest is bright yellow and fallen leaves are scattered.

Hey Siri! 5 Things To Ask Siri Before Heading to Big Bear

Posted: 03/23/23

1. Which Route to Big Bear is Best?

Map out your route before you leave the driveway. We all have routes we default to, but check all freeway options and find the most time efficient route. Road maintenance and repairs along Big Bear’s three highways are common throughout spring, summer, and fall. Check ahead of time for any traffic delays or closures.

Routes to Big Bear

Follow road conditions from CalTrans

2. When is the Best Time to Travel to Big Bear?

Typically, mid-week travel is the least congested time for driving to Big Bear. Consider a Thursday evening or early Friday morning commute before the crowds come in Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. Spring and Fall seasons also see fewer visitors so consider stays during these shoulder seasons when lodging rates are lower and the natural environment is transitioning. Spring wildflowers are beautiful on the trails and fall foliage is breathtaking after a long summer.

3. What’s the Weather in Big Bear?

Just because it’s gloomy (or sunny) at home, doesn’t mean it’ll be that way in Big Bear. Check current weather conditions in Big Bear before you head out. Be aware that weather can change quickly in Big Bear. It’s not unheard of for a sunny day to turn rainy, then back to sunny within 30-40 mins. Dress for all the possibilities!

Check Big Bear Weather

4. What Events are Happening in Big Bear?

You probably have an idea of why you’re visiting and what your plans are in Big Bear. Regardless, keep an eye on other events and activities happening during your stay that you can easily jump in on.

Community Events

Annual Events

5. What are the Best Restaurants in Big Bear?

Big Bear lacks little in the way of dining style or cuisine type. From casual pizza parlors and burger joints, to formal lakeside dining, to pet-friendly options, and breweries, you'll find it all in Big Bear Lake. Even take your tastebuds on a world journey. Discovery eateries dedicated to Chinese, Italian, Indian, Hawaiian, Mexican, German, and other cuisines.

Dining Options