About Big Bear

Big Bear Lake is a unique mountain community approximately 100 miles northeast of Los Angeles and surrounded by the San Bernardino National Forest. About 21,000 residents make their home here full-time.

Altitude ranges from 6,750 to 9,000 feet and there are over 300 days of sunshine each year. Summer temperatures average around 80 degrees during the day, and 45 degrees at night. Winter brings about 100 inches of snowfall, and temperatures average in the low 40's during the day, and mid 20's at night.

Pine and oak forests flourish in Big Bear's alpine environment. The area provides a natural habitat for wildlife including about 30 wintering bald eagles and 29 species of rare plants, ten of which are indigenous to the area. Big Bear Lake is a fresh water lake seven miles long and about 1/2 mile wide. Maximum depth can reach 72 feet and the shoreline spans over 22 miles. Big Bear is home to one of the nation's only solar observatories and alpine zoos for injured and rehabilitated wildlife.

Our community is full of recreational activities like fishing, water sports, hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, tours and winter sports. A 9-hole golf course, 7 public campgrounds, great restaurants, entertainment and shopping offer an experience for everyone to enjoy. The Big Bear City Airport is open 24 hours per day and is equipped for night landings and AirTaxi/Charter services are available.

Care For Big Bear

The community of Big Bear Lake and the Visit Big Bear organization adheres to sustainability and responsible tourism initiatives. Visitors and residents alike are encouraged to Care For Big Bear by adhering to Leave No Trace and Pack It In, Pack It Out practices.

We also strongly encourage responsible and safe recreation in any season. In Summer, boaters are asked to follow all lake laws and rules and hikers and bikers are asked to obey any Forest Orders in place. In Winter, snow play is a must, but using private property or sledding near traffic is illegal and dangerous. Consider one of Big Bear's 3 snow tubing facilities or stick to public spaces for safe snow play! Walking and playing on lake ice is also illegal and poses a risk to your life. Violations are met with hefty fines and possible jail time. So stay safe, stay alive, and stay off Big Bear Lake ice! Click for more Winter Safety Tips!