Visit Big Bear - The DMO

Visit Big Bear is the destination marketing organization for the Big Bear Valley and manages the Big Bear Lake Visitor Center, the Big Bear Lake Visitor Magazine, the website, and the Care For Big Bear sustainability initiative.

Visit Big Bear supports Big Bear's tourism driven economy through marketing, event sponsorship, and community partnerships as well as direct engagement with visitors. Visit Big Bear is funded through the Tourism Business Improvement District (TBID).

Our Board

Our Board:

Loren Hafen - President

Clayton Shoemaker - First Vice President

Christie Brewster – Second Vice President

Danielle Goldsmith - Secretary

Nick Lanza - Treasurer

Nick Cargill – Director

Frank Caruso – Director

Board meetings are open to the public and conducted every 4th Thursday of the month. Find Board Meeting minutes and agendas >>> Public Meetings

Our Staff

Our Staff:
Travis Scott - CEO

Monique Rangel - Chief Marketing Officer

John Jackson - Events Director

Olga Ruiz - Event Administration

Matt McCabe - Marketing Art Director

David Lopez - Marketing Support

Stephanie Castillo - Visitor Center Supervisor

Sara Schacht - Content Strategist

Vanessa Cruz - Financial Assistant

Pandora Vasquez - Lead Visitor Center Specialist

Visitor Services Representatives - Reid Robinson and Lori Garnett

Mission Statement:

Together we elevate Big Bear Lake by promoting responsible visitation through tourism, taking an active role in environmental longevity, and fostering an inclusive, positive community. As the hub for community information, recreation and events, we empower visitors through education and involvement. With the sentiment of a quiet mountain town, we work to bring awareness to the natural environment we call home. With 4 seasons of recreation, we encourage and support all who want to join in the fun. Big Bear is your mountain lake escape, and we are here to show you around.

Strategic Vision:

Our vision is to weave a personal sense of ownership and pride in each visitor of Big Bear Lake. In encouraging responsible visitation, we balance the natural environment with the needs of the community, businesses, and visitors. Through balance, we seek to continually revitalize and grow Big Bear Lake, enhancing our story and honoring our mountain-town heritage.

What Is A TBID?

The Big Bear Lake Tourism Business Improvement District (TBID) supports Visit Big Bear's marketing, advertising, events and promotions efforts to drive over-night stays and support local businesses.

What is TBID?

TBID stands for Tourism Business Improvement District.

The Big Bear Lake TBID is a fee based program to provide benefits to payors by funding marketing efforts for businesses that are assessed.

The City of Big Bear Lake places the assessment on lodging sales and tickets sales from Big Bear Mountain Resort. Revenue is managed by Visit Big Bear - a 501c6 non-profit - who reports directly to an advisory board.

Visit Big Bear's goal is to increase overnight visitation midweek and off-season to support businesses and year-round employment. Once per year, A 30-day period begins where lodging and resorts paying 50+% of the assessment may protest and initiate a City Council hearing on TBID termination.

Unlike other forms of funding, TBID monies cannot be diverted into government programs.

Want to learn more? Check out our TBID FAQ Sheet.

Why is a TBID Needed?

The landscape for destination marketing is very competitive and history has shown that where a destination can no longer compete for top-of-mind awareness, the economy of that destination will suffer.

72% of TBIDs are formed due to loss of city/county funding or insufficient existing funding to compete with other destinations for visitors.

How Are Funds Collected and Managed?

The City is responsible for collecting assessments on a monthly or quarterly basis from lodging and ski resorts located in the TBID district. The City shall take all reasonable efforts to collect assessments from all obligated payors.

Visit Big Bear serves as the TBID’s Owners’ Association. They are charged with managing funds and implementing programs, and must provide annual reports to City Council.

Visit Big Bear invests the bulk of its marketing dollars into the spring and fall seasons. A variety of channels are used to inspire visitation at the right time to the right audience. These funds are dedicated for marketing and allow assessed businesses to direct how those dollars are used to promote the destination.

Who Is Assessed?

Lodging Payors: The annual assessment rate for lodging businesses is three percent (3%) of gross short-term (stays less than 31 days) revenue. Assessments will not be collected on stays of more than thirty consecutive days.

Ski Resorts:
The annual assessment rate for ski resorts is two percent (2%) of lift ticket and annual pass revenue. Lift tickets and annual passes valid at multiple ski resorts will be assessed for the portion of the sale that is attributable to the ski resort in the TBID boundary.

Are you an Assessed Property?
Get your TBID assessed property on here.