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What's in Big Bear Lake?

Rainbow Trout
The most popular species of fish found in Big Bear Lake is rainbow trout. Big Bear Lake serves as a first-rate trout fishery habitat because its depths allow the fish to thrive, even in the heat of summer. One of the best ways to track down this healthy population of trout is by down rigging deeper waters and trolling leadcore lines at three colors or more. The west end of the lake tends to see a majority of the action during the summer months. Shore anglers fishing near the dam will have success with slip bobber setups with power bait or live bait at 15 to 18 feet.

There are a variety of panfish in Big Bear Lake such as bluegill, pumpkinseed, and crappie found in and around the south shore, especially at the marina docks.

Channel Catfish
Channel catfish are fished throughout the summer. These fish inhale stink baits, mackerel, shrimp or chicken livers, and are on the prowl for a good meal both day and night, so fishing is good all day long. Catfish are primarily found on the east end of the lake near Stanfield cutoff and the East Boat Public Launch Ramp.

Small & Largemouth Bass
Summer is prime time for fishing bass. The aggressive northern bass species get hungry after their mid-summer spawn and will attack just about anything thrown their way. Crank baits such as Rapala Husky Jerks, Luhr Jensen Mini Speed Traps, and plastics fished Carolina or Texas style near docks, rocks and weed beds yield good results.

Big Bear Lake Fishing limits infographic

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