Big Bear Lake has it all...paddleboarding, pontoon boating, wakeboarding, waterskiing, innertubing, jet skiing and kayaking! Boats, equipment and watersports lessons can be rented or booked at any one of six marinas that dot the lake's 23 miles of shoreline. Marinas are open for the spring, summer and autumn seasons. The lake is the number one attraction in the summer and attracts water enthusiasts of all sorts!

Anglers enjoy casting a line to catch a range of freshwater fish. Wakeboarders and waterskiiers love 'letting it rip' behind a high speed sporting boat. Jet skiiers live for crashing through the waves and bumps. And, of course, kayaking and paddleboarding are always favorites! Find your love for the lake when you book your Big Bear getaway!

All privately watercraft (including non-motorized types) must display permits. They can be purchased at any marina.

Two women on pontoon boat