Big Bear Airport is a general aviation airport that offers numerous benefits to the Big Bear Valley. Apart from supporting aviation tourism, Big Bear Airport facilitates emergency medical, fire, law enforcement, and search and rescue operations. Mountain Mutual Aid and the Emergency Operations Center for the Valley are located at the Big Bear Airport and medical evacuations are possible 24/7.

Big Bear Airport also serves as a facility for high altitude training for military planes and helicopters.

As a public airport, planes may arrive and depart 24/7 and fuel is also available around the clock. The terminal building is open everyday from 7 AM - 6 PM however airport personnel are available after hours for a fee.

Every other summer, Big Bear Airport hosts a community Air Fair with both historic and modern aircraft on display. Attendees can marvel at these incredible machines parked on the ground and flying in the sky. There's food, fun and entertainment for the whole family.

Visit the airport's official website for more facility information, pilot resources, and much more.

Mountain Transit Offers Airport Transport

After landing at Big Bear Airport, get around town with ease by reserving a lift with Mountain Transit. Enjoy FREE transportation to or from Snow Summit or Bear Mountain ski resorts or to and from The Village. Either pre-purchase your fare on the Token Transit App or pay exact change to driver.

Fly-in guests need to contact the Big Bear Airport ahead of their arrival by radio or by calling 909-585-3219 between 7 AM - 6 PM. Confirm your arrival time to Big Bear Airport, where you are heading from the airport, the number of guests in your party, and when you need to return to the airport.