Go Green

Big Bear is doing its part for a greener environment.

The community of Big Bear knows the importance of sustainable tourism, and has taken necessary steps to help promote ways to ensure there is as low of an impact on the environment as possible. Big Bear is aware of eco-friendly tourism, and continues to make improvements that aim to ensure that continual development brings a positive experience for its guests.


  • Turn off your lights when you leave your hotel room.
  • Try using a blanket or wearing more clothes instead of adjusting the thermostat.
  • Unplug unused electronics (even your mobile phone).
  • Take shorter showers, using less hot water. The average hotel guest uses over 300 liters of water per night. In a luxury hotel it is approx. 1800 liters.
  • Recycle paper, plastic and glass.
  • Shop with cloth bags instead of plastic or paper.
  • Buy local products, reducing the energy required to get products to your store.


  • Use public transportation wherever possible, or just walk.
  • Plan ahead. Do several errands in one trip, carpool, and use uncongested routes.
  • Excess weight in vehicles reduces fuel efficiency. Remove excess weight like car racks and unnecessary objects stored in the trunk.
  • Reduce air conditioning use. Don't keep the windows open when it is on. Try to use air vents instead of air conditioning.
  • Use the cruise control when possible. Sharp breaking and accelerating are fuel wasting habits.
  • Be considerate of the environment in the communities you visit.
  • Don't litter. Carry a trash bag in your car for times when a trash receptacle isn’t available.
  • Avoid the excessive waste of using of plastic bottles.
  • Support the local economy and buy locally. Eat at local restaurants and enjoy local culture!
  • Support local organizations dedicated to helping the environment, both locally where you reside and the places you visit.