About Care For Big Bear

Our Mission

Care for Big Bear is an ongoing sustainability campaign presented by Visit Big Bear to empower our community through the cooperation of our locals and visitors. This is our call to action for all who love Big Bear to preserve, protect and unify our natural playground for future generations to enjoy. Through education, motivation, and awareness we unite to Care for Big Bear on an endless scale. When we work together to Care for Big Bear, we vow to Care for our community, Appreciate our natural environment, Respect our neighbors and Enjoy our valley together.

Our Story

Our little mountain town has seen an incredible boom in popularity and prosperity thanks to the hard work of our local entrepreneurs, second homeowners, dedicated employees, and eager visitors. With this boom comes the side effects of increased traffic, noise, litter, graffiti, and wear on the natural environment.

Our Projects

Community Work

Since 2021, Care For Big Bear has partnered with local organizations to support trash clean-up efforts in the valley. We've been thrilled to work alongside locals and visitors alike on shoreline clean-ups, city park clean-ups, and trail clean-ups. CFBB has been honored to work with organizations like the Southern California Mountains Foundation who promotes stewardship of the forest and hosts local chapters of national events like Public Lands Day and National Trails Day.

2022 Winner of the Poppy Award for Destination Stewardship & Sustainable Travel

Care For Big Bear was awarded the 2022 Poppy Award for Destination Stewardship & Sustainable Travel Award.

Operation Porta-Potties & Dumpsters

Since 2020, CFBB has funded the placement of porta-potties and dumpsters at trailheads and picnic areas. Pitch in by tossing your litter - and any you find - into these receptacles.

A More Beautiful Valley, One Pound at a Time

Each winter, Care For Big Bear partners with local landscapers NativeScapes on a trash cleanup initiative. Between December 2021 and February 2022, NativeScapes collected over 5,000 pounds of garbage from National Forest recreation areas. Most of the garbage is sled debris and small items like paper and food wrappers. While Care For Big Bear's partnership focuses on winter months, NativeScapes continues the cleanup effort in the summer averaging 500 pounds of trash each month.

During the 2023/2024 winter season, NativeScapes has made weekly clean-up runs to popular snow play areas like Aspen Glen and around the Senior Citizens Center.

NativeScapes partners with Care For Big Bear to haul away bags of trash from a picnic area.