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Summer Recreation

The sky's the limit.

The combination of a cool alpine lake, surrounding lush forests and approximately 320 days of sunshine per year is a magnetic force that lures you to Big Bear spring, summer and fall for a lake trip or weekend getaway. Once Old Man Winter packs it in, the sun warms up the mountains, days become longer and outdoor recreation blossoms! More...

A hike or bike ride through the forest brings you face to face with colorful wildflowers and the intoxicating scent of nature's woodsy fragrance. Chattering squirrels and chirping birds bring the forest to life. You might even catch a glimpse of a deer darting through the trees. If you plan to take a trip with your significant other, swaying pine and oak trees provide a romantic canopy as you bask in conversation and share a private picnic for two. If you have children, introduce them to a real 3-D adventure they can grasp. The fresh mountain air will stimulate your kids' senses as they scout-out animal tracks along the trails. Imaginations run wild as shrubs and tree logs become forts, and rocks become gems worthy of stuffing in pockets.

The grand centerpiece of our mountain resort is, of course, the lake. Above the lake are skies that absolutely pop, with the prettiest blues you'l ever see! Whether you choose to play on the lake or just view it from atop an overlooking vista its magnificence will automatically draw you in.

The lake is stuffed to the gill with trout, bass and catfish. It's easy to get hooked on the great fishing dawn to dusk. If you're looking for adventure on the water, you'e in for a treat. Just about every mainstream aquatic sport happens here, from motorized boats to people powered kayaks and canoes. You'll even fine some activities on the cutting edge, including the Cable Wakeboard Park. Along the 22-miles of shoreline, several marinas provide all the gear you need to navigate your way on water.

Time to chill-out and soak-up Big Bear Lake's endless summer fun. The seven-mile lake is brimming with classic to cutting-edge stand-up paddle boarding and parasailing to jet skiing and wakeboarding.

For an easy-breezy lake activity, take a lake tour onboard a replica of a pirate ship or paddle wheeler boat for a narrated tour of Big Bear's history, Hollywood movie sets and celebrity homes.

Catch a slow ride over the forest floor on the Scenic Sky Chair to the top of Snow Summit, and treat your eyes to spectacular panoramic views. Hop back on the chair for the ride down, or hike back to the base, or venture out with a mountain bike to explore the trails.

Long summer days feature scores of concerts, festivals, car shows and friendly competitions. If you're pining for solitude, head for the hills for a romantic lunch for two under a canopy of trees, or get a feel for the Old West and ride off into the sunset on horseback.

There's plenty of action in-town, too. Stop by for weekly and seasonal events and festivals like the 4th of July Spectacular, Antique Car Club Auto Show, Big Bear Renaissance Faire and Art on the Lake.

With so much to see and do, there are numerous reasons to visit each and every season. Consider it an open invitation to have your fun in the sun.

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