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Fall Season Is Here With Summer Like Conditions

Posted: 09/29/11 | By Daniel

Last week summer ceased and the fall season took hold. It was a silent passing, a date on the calendar really.

Even in Big Bear summer folds itself into fall like most Southern California places. Temps remain imperceptibly flat, cool mornings and warm, almost hot, afternoons continue. But here and there, if you look, there are signs of the seasons' march toward winter.

Like our weekly farmer's market: selling the last of its veggies, fruits, flowers, and crafts. Wrapping up until next May; locals scramble to enjoy the last day of our open-air market. Or the big sales of Labor Day. The kind that happen in every ski town across the US: blowout sales of last year's goods to make room for new arrivals. There's also the fall foliage. Low-lying greenery fades into a spectrum of browns while high-flying leaves flash in vivid hues of orange, red, and yellow.

And during this time, we continue to bike, hike, run, canoe and kayak like summer hasn't quite said good-bye. But we know. We pursue these activities with an eye on the thermometer, reaching for long-sleeve shirts over tank-tops, and pants over shorts.

It's the time of year when the signs are there but maybe we're choosing not to notice. Hoping the warm fall season weather will hold just a week or two more and then act surprised when morning frost is left behind in shaded spots. The bad news: the balmy days of our summer are quietly becoming a memory. The good news: fall colors and winter season is looming.

Looking forward to earning my turns,

Glade Girl