Hiking trails are enjoyed year-round in Big Bear Lake. In the summer season, head out with a good pair of hiking boots and when the snow flies, strap on some snowshoes. Tour the Valley solo or join in a guided tour - snowshoe equipment included in the winter.

In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks. John Muir

Trail Safety & Preparation

It's no secret that connecting with nature rejuvenates the spirit and melts away stress, but certain precautions need to be taken before venturing out alone or with companions. While enjoying the National Forest trails, remember to keep your journey safe, fun, and sustainable. When venturing the trails, please remember:

  • When using National Forest Trailhead Parking Lots and Recreation Areas you'll need an Adventure Pass available at our Visitor Center.
  • When hiking, mountain biking, or snowshoeing stick to well-marked and established trails. See Top Trails.
  • Carry a map with you and plan your route before you venture off. Pick up maps at our Visitor Center.
  • Try to avoid venturing alone, take a trail buddy with you whenever possible.
  • Whether venturing alone or with friends, tell someone where you're going and carry a phone to call help if necessary.
  • Do not approach or feed wildlife.
  • In winter, hiking trails on the North Shore are best. The snow melts faster and trails are more accessible.
  • Always yield to uphill hikers, bikers, and horseback riders.
  • Take plenty of water, dress appropriately, wear sturdy hiking boots, and use sunscreen.
  • Pack it in, pack it out - Don't litter the forest!
  • Be aware of Fire Restrictions
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