2022 San Bernardino National Forest Fire Restrictions

Posted: 05/25/22

Fire restrictions to increase Thursday, May 26, 2022

SAN BERNARDINO, Calif—Officials with the San Bernardino National Forest are raising fire restrictions this Thursday, May 26, 2022, due to the danger from current and anticipated worsening conditions, such as drying vegetation and continued hot temperatures.

Lower elevations of the forest have reached critically dry fuel moisture levels this week, causing fire officials to raise fire restrictions almost one month earlier than raised in 2021.

The restrictions will now prohibit the following:

  • No one may build, maintain, attend or use a fire, campfire, or charcoal fire except in a Forest Service provided ring or BBQ provided at Serrano, Hanna Flat, Holcomb Valley, Pine Knot, or North Shore (Big Bear locations).
  • Discharging of a firearm except within the Chuck Thomas Shooting Range.
  • Smoking except within an enclosed (completely) vehicle or building.
  • Operating an internal combustion engine off of paved, gravel or dirt National Forest System roads and trails except for boats on the water.
  • Welding, or operating acetylene or other torch with open flame.


See Exhibit A for special fire uses.

Gas-powered stoves and fire rings with a fuel shutoff will be allowed, including during dispersed camping, if used with a free California Campfire Permit, which can be obtained online. It is important for permit holders to read and follow the terms of the permit.

Regarding firearms, target shooting will continue to be allowed at shooting ranges under a special use permit (see Exhibit B, page 2). Visitors with a hunting license will be able to shoot at legal game bird or mammal.

As fire restrictions and related prohibitions may increase again later this year, Forest visitors are highly encouraged to always "know before you go" prior to each visit by checking current fire restrictions online or calling a ranger station.