Pets Welcome! Many places to stay in Big Bear Lake are pet-friendly. For many accommodations 'pet-friendly' means 'dog-friendly'. Be sure to call ahead to your hotel/cabin/lodge to ask about arrangements for other animals. Please expect:

  • Additional pet fees, per pet, per night
  • Policies for certain breeds that are not allowed
  • Limits on the weight of pets
  • Rules against leaving pets in rooms/cabins unattended
  • Requirements for keeping pets on a leash while on the premises

Pet Safety

Enjoy Southern California's outdoor recreation and pet-friendly mecca with your four-legged friend by your side. Dogs can make great companions out on the trails but be sure you're prepped to keep you and your pup safe from poor weather, rugged terrain, excessive heat, and other wildlife. Check out some tips on our blog from the American Kennel Club for Dog Safety on the Trails.