A family slips down a hill on inner tubes

Snow Slopes For Kiddies, Inner Tube Fun!

Posted: 03/24/12 | By Daniel

Big Bear had a couple of recent rallies from Mother Nature, making snow conditions superb!

This of course is great news for the ski resorts, but Big Bear's inner tube snow play parks have also reaped the benefits with mounds of the white stuff! Both Big Bear Snow Play and Alpine Slide at Magic Mountain have a base of 3 to 20 feet, which guarantees snow play well into Easter weekend.

Inner tubing down these deep snow-covered hills is the easiest way to get your kicks in the snow. Everyone in the family enjoys this winter activity because there's no need for lessons and every style from the sit & slide to the head first lunge to the group snake are all easy and fun ways to go down the hill.

What makes Big Bear's snow play areas even more attractive is the magic carpet uphill lifts. These Magic Carpet lifts are similar to people-mover conveyor belts seen at airport terminals. However, in this case the conveyor belt (Magic Carpet lifts) conveniently transports passengers to the top of the mountain. The purpose of Magic Carpet lifts is to eliminate the stress of climbing the hill, which in turn provides more opportunity for having fun in the snow! With a Magic Carpet lift, people of all ages can get more tubing in an hour than they would in a whole day if they were walking.

Inner tubing is a classic family tradition in Big Bear. If the kids have not yet made a trip to the snow this year, or if they are aching to get back to play in the snow, then Big Bear Snow Play and Alpine Slide at Magic Mountain are the answer for a fun day in the snow!

If you can getaway to Big Bear during a weekday you will likely get in triple the amount of runs. If you plan a trip to Big Bear on the weekend you should consider an overnight stay to add to the thrill of your family fun adventure.

It's Snow Much Fun in Big Bear,

Daniel Pea