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Big Bear Valentine’s Day Getaway On A Budget

Posted: 02/09/15 | By Tina Hauer

Big Bear is a magical place this time of year, making it the perfect vacation spot for your Valentine's Day weekend.

If you are looking to enjoy an enchanting getaway without breaking the bank, here are budget recommendations.

What to Do:

Many of Big Bear's activities are year long, with the addition of several winter specialties.

Where to Eat:

Big Bear has a great section of restaurants, but if you are looking to save on extra food costs, consider these options:

• Pack a picnic & hot cocoa.

• Go to a bar and enjoy appetizers with a view of the lake, close to or at the ski resorts or in the Village.

• Rather than go out for dinner, just go out for dessert! Big Bear has a dozen restaurants serving up spectacular desserts. If you are looking for dessert on the go, check out the Gelato shop.

Inside Big Bear Cabin

Where to Stay:

Hostels are one of the most affordable options in Big Bear. And at the Big Bear Mountain Adventure Lodge, they take affordability to the max with free home cooked dinners and breakfasts. With private room options, they offer the perfect budget escape.

If you are wanting a cabin experience, try one of our romantic and unique cabins located in the forest, lakefront, near the Village or close to the ski resorts. Big Bear offers a variety of affordable lodging to suit each visitor's needs.

DIY Gifts:

For some couples, the experience is the gift. But if you were looking to add an extra touch, consider making your gift. The best part is that all these are easily packable, and you can tuck them away in your suitcase so your significant other won’t find them (well at least most of them).

• Personalized coupon book (special desserts, favorite meals, extra help around the house, pre planned date night- get creative!)

• Handmade card

• Handmade Flowers (as simple as tissue paper and cardstock)

• Decorate your room with paper dollies

• Baked goodies

• Photo montage or album

Celebrate the Weekend After

If your weekends are flexible, book your getaway the weekend after. Skip the crowds and hit up Big Bear over the 21st. You'll enjoy the same scenery, many times at a discount. For even more savings, check out midweek deals.


More than just a Valentine's Day getaway, Big Bear is a romantic getaway destination of choice all year. Each season brings its own charms, giving you an excuse to visit all year.