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Ideas to Create Your Own Winter Olympics


The Winter Olympics only comes around every four years, and as you start watching the Olympics on TV this February you're going to get an itch to get out and demonstrate your own skills. This is why we've created a special Winter Olympics Fever itinerary for those who want to have a playful competition among friends or family in Big Bear.

  • Downhill Skiing - is one of the best choices in Big Bear that best reflects the Olympics. Download an app to time your downhill runs or race down the mountain to see who gets to the chairlift first.
  • Freestyle snowboarding or skiing - Both Bear Mountain and Snow Summit offer a wide range of jibs, jumps and other features including a halfpipe and Superpipe. Create a friendly competition that demonstrates different ways to approach and execute tricks on these features.
  • Inner Tubing - Even though inner tubing is not an official Winter Olympics sport it is probably one of the more exciting features in Big Bear to race to the bottom or have a competition to see who can come up with the most creative interlocking group design or snake. Big Bear offers two inner tube parks Big Bear Snow Play and Alpine Slide at Magic Mountain. Make sure your team captain chooses one of the parks as your home course.
  • Luge / Bobsled - Big Bear is unique because it is the only place in California that offers a luge / bobsled track. Head over to Alpine Slide at Magic Mountain to experience the twists and turns on the ¼ mile long concrete track. Time each other's run with an app or stop watch. Best of three wins.
  • Zipline - Here is an interesting twist for an Olympic adventure. Zipline over the snow-covered forest floor. Once again time each other to see who can get to the other side the fastest. There are nine ziplines total, so the one with the lowest time between all nine ziplines wins.
  • Cross Country Skiing or Snowshoeing - Rent a pair of cross country skis or snowshoes and set up fun 50 yard dashes in the snow, or just take this time to enjoy the peacefulness of quiet forest setting.
  • Spectator Sports - If you are not into actually competing, but want to see some live action up close then check out organized ski and snowboard competitions every weekend at Snow Summit and Bear Mountain. See Big Bear's Events Calendar for scheduled competitions.

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