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Switching From Skiing To Mountain Biking As Winter Ends

Posted: 04/25/11 | By Daniel

Like it began, quick and epic , Big Bear's 2010/2011 ski season came to an end on Saturday and now mountain biking is in full swing!

Like it began - quick and epic - Big Bear's 2010/2011 ski season came to an end on Saturday. It was a good year despite predictions - Mother Nature delivered the white stuff and did so with a more-than-our-fair-share amount of sunny days. While I am still not convinced the season is entirely over (have you looked at San G recently?), I am switching up the way I glide downhill.

And it looks like just about everyone else has to. Mountain biking in Big Bear is in full swing! This past weekend Michele Russell from Mountain Fitness led a training ride up 2N10 and the Grout Bay Trail had countless tire tracks rolling down it. Not to mention some super fun water crossings to remind us of our winter.

Just as we finished our ride of Grout Bay, all of us successfully navigating the first switchback and rocky section that followed without an auger or a foot down - I started to consider how similar mountain biking is to skiing and snowboarding. It's about picking your line, committing to it, and rolling through it. And it's also about body positioning, right? Only with mountain biking, back is a good thing. While I am already missing the feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you stand at the top of a steep pitch: eyeing your line, imagining your turns, and then executing with precision. I realized mountain biking creates that same thoughtfulness when it comes to descending (and ascending) a dirt trail.

In the simplest of terms, it's all the same, right? We're just switching up how we glide down the mountain slopes and forests in Big Bear. Here's to happy gliding from one season to the next!

Earning my turns,

Glade Girl