Distant snow capped mountains

Spring Break Trip Ideas

Posted: 02/26/15 | By Tina Hauer

Big Bear Lake is one of So Cal's favorite spring break destinations because its sunny, blue skies and snow to play in and slopes to shred across.

"Spring break! Spring break! Spring break!" That's the excited voices of every young child, teen and college student in America. The extended vacation time is fast approaching, and with that comes a lot of trip planning over where you are going to stay, go eat and play during all the free time. Big Bear Lake is echoed as one of So Cal's favorite spring break destinations because spring up in Big Bear means sunny, blue skies and snow to play in and slopes to shred across.


My family and I started planning a month ahead of schedule, as to prepare for the exciting adventure with two college students, a toddler and one teen in tow. Having never visited the Big Bear community, I was unsure where to start on planning our spring break, much less where to eat or stay around this not-far-from LA mountain community. Research came first so, I checked out and learned that both of their popular ski resorts were open: Snow Summit and Bear Mountain. I have been obsessed with checking the weather and noted that no matter what, during the winter season I would need to carry chains in my Honda - it's the law! Looking up the mountain resorts, I knew my college kids were already proficient in their snowboarding abilities, but my toddler needed ski lessons.

I noticed I could call 800-424-4232 (or 800-424-4232) for some local guidance and booking knowledge, but instead I decided to see how far I would get on my own. Starting on, I looked into various lodging types in Big Bear: resorts, lodges, Bed and Breakfast's, mini cabins and plenty of personal homes to be rented. I noted the various specials and deals and noticed a few package ideas that could work in my favor, and decided to call 800-4-BIGBEAR. Luckily, I spoke with an informative and speedy Big Bear local whom informed me that due to our party size and needs (we wanted to be close to restaurants for the hungry kids) that perhaps best location would be the village area (downtown) which is only a few miles away from both ski resorts. We learned that Big Bear is less than 20 miles in length and almost everything we needed was just around the corner. I couldn't wait to explore! Another tip I learned was our lodging was close enough to just drop my kids off at the ski resorts for their ski lesson or to snowboard and drive back the short distance to my accommodations or enjoy another activity. Sounded great!

Since we were opting to stay 3 days in Big Bear, we needed a plethora of spring break trip ideas. While speaking with the agent, he mentioned a great "Adventure Package" that would discount my stay and be able to book an activity with the "Action Tours" company. This adventure company specializes in zip lining courses, segway tours and tree rope climbing. During the times the lake in Big Bear is open to the public, they also offer flyboarding tours. I decided to sign myself and my teen up for the afternoon zip line tour on the same day my college kids planned to snowboard along with my toddler, whom my husband would have his hands full with without mom around. I wanted to have fun too! I whipped out my credit card and paid over the phone for my stay and activities. The experience was super friendly and super easy!

After a lot of contemplating, my spring break plan was as follows: Start driving from Los Angeles (a little less than two hours away) with the family in tow for our Big Bear Lake three day adventure. I hoped to hit minimal traffic by starting around 7 or 8 AM to have the kids on the slopes by the half day ticket time and myself and my teen in line and ready for the Action Tour at around noon. The Big Bear agent had told me over the phone to dine in town at one of the many places that served home-style breakfast (hopefully it will include a much needed mimosa). My toddler was signed up in advance for the ski school, and my husband planned to watch her from the deck area of the resort while enjoying the fresh air. After our activities, we could check-in to our accommodations at in the later afternoon. Of course, with it being spring break, we expect this quaint resort town to be busy and populated but, it doesn't mean you can't have a relaxing time, especially, when you take note of the various things to do around town. Besides the skiing, zip lining and dining I also had the weekend packed with fun items to do, nobody on this spring break adventure was going to claim they were bored! We had a hike or two we wanted to take, some fish to catch and a concert event (at The Cave) to see during our trip. We knew that we would walk away with a few souvenirs to take back home including a stuffed toy bear at some point and planned ahead to bring cameras, lots of sun block and extra groceries. I was also well aware that the pristine weather could change at any time and planned to take a few extra blankets, socks and, of course, marshmallows to roast.

With a little pre-planning and an eye for adventure, anyone can have the time of their life in Big Bear Lake. I hope my spring break trip ideas help with your research and maybe we will see you there, enjoying the fun and the snow in Southern California!