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Come Home to Big Bear!

You've grown accustomed to Big Bear's scenic beauty and now it's time to buy your dream home in the mountains. Whatever you're in the market for, whether it's a luxurious mansion with dramatic views of the lake, a roomy condo or a comfortable cabin nestled in the woods, Big Bear has it all. Big Bear's realtors are happy to help you settle in and become a permanent resident so you can truly make yourself at home in Big Bear.

Cabin loft space

Owning in Big Bear

Numerous home styles accommodate any lifestyle. Find spacious homes to fit large families, a quaint and quiet cottage for just you and your spouse, or invest in your future and find the perfect home to retire. What better place to retire than Big Bear Lake?

One of the great things about owning a home in Big Bear is the ability to enjoy four distinct seasons every year. Winter is your time to relish the fresh snowfall and take advantage of winter recreation like skiing & snowboarding, snowshoe adventures, and more. Even if you aren’t into winter sports, you're sure to find some peace and quiet as a winter getaway in the mountains means you can enjoy the hush of falling snow outside your window as you curl up next to the fireplace.

Springtime is the time for enjoying Big Bear's wildlife as it wakes from its winter sleep. Hiking and mountain biking are also a must for admiring new foliage on the trees and wildflowers throughout the Valley. The summer months will have you itching to break out the grill. Most Big Bear cabins feature an outside deck that is perfect for BBQs and gatherings with family and friends. Mild summer temperatures make Big Bear the go-to spot for off-mountain adventure and getaway seekers, and just think, you'll already be enjoying it as a resident!

Autumn is the time of year where our forest Aspens, Oaks, and Maples shine their brightest with crimson reds, fiery oranges, and dazzling yellows. Local businesses begin their fall color tours, seasonal gifts, and specialty menus.