2022 Fishin' For $50K Winners!

It was a successful weekend for fishing at the 2022 Fishin' For $50K trout derby! Many anglers at the weigh station had several trout in tow, eyeballing which fish was worthy of being weighed in. The heaviest men's and women's fishes almost doubled from weights in 2021. While Visit Big Bear is thrilled for everyone who reeled in the fish, there were unfortunately no tagged trout brought to weigh in, a first in several years. However, any 2022 tagged trout turned in to Big Bear Sporting Goods before December 31, 2022 is eligible for $50.

Keep reading for our winners!

Girls' Division

  • 1st Place - Juliette w/ a 1.959 lb. trout
  • 2nd Place - Jastin w/ a 1.929 lb. trout
  • 3rd Place - Haylee w/ a 1.856 lb. trout

Boys' Division

  • 1st Place - Bruno w/ a 4.329 lb. trout
  • 2nd Place - Aiden w/ a 2.690 lb. trout
  • 3rd Place TIE - Matthew w/ a 2.312 lb. trout
  • 3rd Place TIE - Gary w/ a 2.312 lb. trout

Women's Division

  • 1st Place - Laura Gomez w/ a 5.352 lb. trout
  • 2nd Place - Michele Beltran w/ a 2.943 lb. trout
  • 3rd Place - Erin Bougie w/ a 2.903 lb. trout

Men's Division

  • 1st Place - Juan Torres w/ a 6.113 lb. trout
  • 2nd Place - Juan Jimenez w/ a 5.881 lb. trout
  • 3rd Place - Julian Quintanilla w/ a 5.665 lb. trout

With 5 tagged trout worth $10K each, you could win up to $50K!

Fishin' For $50K is the family event of the season! Bring out the spouse, the kids, the friends, and more to enjoy two days on Big Bear Lake fishing for $50K. With thirty tagged trout, 5 are Grand Prize Winners worth $10K each with the next 5 non-grand prize winners worth $500 each. Now that’s worth fishing for!

Participants - or as we say, anglers - are welcome to fish from a boat, a non-motorized vessel, and from shore. Anglers of any age are welcome to participate and fish for prizes! Weight class prizes are given to both adult and child age groups and raffle prizes include adult and child fishing equipment. Just another reason to invite the whole gang to enjoy this event weekend.


The awards ceremony takes place on Sunday, June 12 at 3:30PM at Bartlett located at 630 Bartlett Rd in the Big Bear Village. The awards ceremony includes a general raffle with thousands of dollars worth of fishing gear, bait and tackle from national manufacturers. Anglers have a chance to win a brand new fishing kayak as part of a separate raffle courtesy of Big Bear Sporting Goods.

Grand Prize Tagged Trout

Cash prizes will be awarded for any fish worth $10K.

Non-Grand Prize Tagged Trout

$500 will be awarded for each of the first 5 non-grand prize tagged fish brought in.

Weight Class Awards

Weight class awards will be given to Adult Male & Female (16+) categories:
1st Place - $1500
2nd Place - $750
3rd Place - $500

Weight class awards will also be given to Child Male & Female (15 and under) categories:
1st Place - $500
2nd Place - $250
3rd Place - $100

Trout derby participant
Man holding trophy