Our little mountain town has seen an incredible boom in popularity and prosperity thanks to the hard work of our local entrepreneurs, second homeowners, dedicated employees, and eager visitors. With this boom comes the negative side effects of increased traffic, noise, litter, graffiti, and wear on the natural environment.

Litter left on the shores of Big Bear Lake. Care For Big Bear

We are better together, and Care For Big Bear aims to mitigate unwanted impacts through this collective movement to:

  • Pack It In, Pack It Out - Whether you're hiking the trails or shredding the slopes, be sure any and all trash is packed away to avoid littering the environment.
  • Know Before You Go - Review and abide by current restrictions and safety precautions pertaining to camping, campfires, wildlife, hunting & fishing, and travel.
  • Leave No Trace - Preserve the natural environment by sticking to trails and designated roads and campsites to prevent the breakdown of the landscape. Learn more about Leave No Trace.
  • Take Nothing But Pictures - Take all the photos you like, but leave all rocks, plants, wildlife, and natural materials, and historical landmarks as is.
  • Remember the Golden Rule - Always treat others with respect. From driving on mountain roads to vacationing in the Valley, and from following business safety guidelines, to staying home when you're ill, make your decisions in the best interest of the community and those within it.