Fishing is one of the most popular activities during open lake season

Tips To Make Fishing Easier In Big Bear

Posted: 07/13/10 | By Daniel

The easy, "limit style" fishing of Spring is over, but fishing in the summer can also be very good! You just have to change your tactics a little.

The first thing you should do before you leave the house is to log onto Big Bear Municipal Water District's website, and click on current lake conditions. Then click on the Limnological Report.

The Limnological Report will show you the lake conditions from 5 different monitoring buoys placed down the middle of Big Bear Lake. The buoys are located at the boom line at the dam, in front of Papoose Bay, by the West Launch Ramp, in front of the Observatory; and near Juniper Point.

The three main things that you want to check out in the Big Bear fishing report that will help you catch more fish this summer are the Secci reading