A snowboarder rides a rail in the terrain park

This Spring, Don't Forget The Snow!

Posted: 03/21/13 | By Daniel

We are enjoying spring conditions in Southern California, and I fear that those living down the mountain may allow the warm weather to take them out of their winter spirits

Snowboarding in spring weather at Bear Mountain

Photo Credit: Bear Mountain Ski Resort

I have never lived on the beach, so I can't predict the typical spring time emotions in such a place. I can try to convince as many people as possible to follow suit, after a couple of years of living in Big Bear.

It's no secret that the winter season is a little shorter in Southern California, even in the mountains. As a lover of winter, this can be a tough thing to swallow. I pride myself in maintaining a colored lens, which gets peeled out of my goggles and replaced for the dark, mirrored version during the spring season; and in the last few moments of doing so, I prefer to focus on the pros rather than the cons. Nothing should be more apparent this time of year than the overwhelming presence of sunshine and warmth.

Come March, sunshine is a regular occurrence in Big Bear. With it's beaming rays, come a number of chores I always hurriedly complete before heading out the door for the slopes on that first sunny day. The winter jacket gets retired to the closet, where it will likely remain until the start of next season. The insulated gloves get packed away, opting for the simple pipe glove or dollar store stretchy kind. I apply a quick lacquer of Windex to the bottom of my board, sunscreen to my face, grab a sweatshirt and a cap, locate the car keys, grab some candy bar money, wink to myself in the mirror on my way out the door and hightail it to Bear Mountain.