Ski slopes at Snow Summit

Will You Be Here For First Chair Of The Snow Season?

Posted: 11/21/13 | By Daniel

It's getting more and more exciting knowing the snow season in Big Bear is right on the edge! The itch for the white stuff is getting itchier by the minute.

Lately the first thing out of anyone's mouth in Big Bear is related to snow such as "Do you think it is going to snow?" or "What are you hearing about the weather forecast?" or "I'm hearing 8 to 10 inches" or "I heard the weather man say it's dropping down to 5,000 feet" or simply "snow already would you!" The more the Big Bear locals talk about snow coming gets the entire community more and more excited about the winter snow season.

Big Bear Snow Season Weather Forecast

Today, I was up at Snow Summit and noticed a sign in front of the resort that reads "Will You be Here for First Chair of the Season?" and I thought I'm sure going to give it my best shot! How awesome would that be to get on the first chair of the season?

I looked up at the Miracle Mile run while I was at Snow Summit and noticed they have strategically placed snow guns along the run. It appears that the snow guns are on standby like a soldier waiting for the call of duty! Once Snow Summit and Bear Mountain begin making snow it's just a matter of days that the season begins! Remember the ski resorts usually reduce the lift tickets during the first week or two of the resorts opening as long as it’s not a holiday. So you might want to jump on this deal and get in some early season action when the resorts open.

I even ran into the guys from KABC Channel 7. They were getting their cameras ready in anticipation to show Southern California the white stuff. Usually a news van on the mountain is a good sign that snow is on its way.

Snow Season at Snow Summit Ski Resort

Let's face it Big Bear is surely ready for some snow! It's on everyone's mind, so we're definitely thinking snow here! We could use some help from the folks off the mountain as well. The more we think snow together the better chances it will come. It's also important to think snow for the next three or four months because we want tons of it. Let's think big and hope for ten, fifteen or twenty foot base.

I can't help it, but I definitely have the bug for a little snow. In fact, this week I brought my snowboard in for a waxing and adjustments to my bindings. Today, I stopped by Blauers Board Shop to pick up a new pair of Sorel snow boots. I can't wait to wear the new boots to shovel snow out of my driveway. It is my first pair of Sorel boots, and I must confess I bought the boots because I really want to see how well they handle the snow. I still need a new pair of gloves and goggles, so maybe I'll go get a new gear later this week or I could wait until Black Friday for deals at Blauers Board Shop or Goldsmith's Boardhouse.

The winter excitement for snowfall is in the air. We hope you are as excited as we are. The big question is...Are you ready for some snow?

Let it Snow,

Daniel Pea