Fall view of the lake

Time For A Road Trip This Autumn Season

Posted: 09/03/18

Cooler weather has settled in, indicating fall is on its way. Now is a great time to take a road trip to see what Big Bear Lake offers this time of year.

Cooler weather has settled in and warmer weather is on the way out, indicating fall is on its way to Big Bear Lake. Now is a great time to take a road trip to see what Big Bear offers this time of year. Big Bear is a true four season alpine resort and calls us in year round with the tree tops soaring high into the clouds, the bountiful fresh lake and the crisp, clean air that are all inviting to the senses.

Mountain Biking Alpine Pedal Path

Perhaps you want to make this trip more than just a drive or as a casual passerby to the scenic route. It doesn't matter if you're from San Diego or Las Vegas, taking a weekend get-a-way and turning it into the ultimate road trip, makes it an experience to remember!

From experience, a road trip can start off several ways. It can be planned and well mapped out with lengthy travel itineraries or, it can be an impromptu journey, far from home to your destination of choice, with little planning and just enjoying everything along the way. A road trip to Big Bear can be satisfying, and depending on the time of season, taking in a little of the unknown. In summertime and the fall, cruising over to the mountainscape of Big Bear Lake typically means lots of selfie and photo breaks, roadside cafes, amazing views and a fully loaded itinerary with the usual must haves: an activity for the whole group, a history lesson, a unique dining experience and a relaxation motivator, nature and some decent lodging for the weekend of your road trip. Getting there may take sometime, but arriving is where all the fun's at!

Planning ahead vs. the Unknown

You are likely to have friends or family that run the gamut of different personalities. Sometimes, it can be hard to please everyone and to be on the same page. Even just getting to your destination of choice can bring on a migraine. It's best to take a list and check it twice, just to be sure some essentials are on board (or at least in the trunk) such as music, sunblock, proper clothing, gum and lots of snacks. Knowing when and where you’ll need lodging is also apart of the unknown or planning ahead category. Since you're heading to Big Bear Lake, the site makes it a snap to locate lodging at home or on-the-go. Make sure to discuss with friends or family beforehand what matters to them most in their accommodations. Big Bear offers PLENTY of choices from B&Bs to private homes rentals, hostels, condos, resort cabins, hotels and motels. If your group can get on board and pick a place, you'll start out a step ahead of the game!


Depending on where you are traveling from, you will find yourself stopping at the convenience store for snacks, food truck or travel-friendly diner. Since Big Bear is a short drive away, I recommend to wait until you arrive and enjoy one of Big Bear Lake's restaurants. They go above and beyond casual food fare and serve everything from gluten free to sushi to T-bone steaks. We like to think there is a little something for everyone, and you'll get it at 7,000 feet!

History, Interrupted

A relaxing summer and fall road trip to the mountains with your kids or with your best girlfriends means you can choose to learn a lot or a little! Big Bear Alpine Zoo is perfect for both kids and adults, where everyone can take in the sight of a Grizzly Bear or a cute, harmless owl. Admission supports and benefits animals whom have been danger or wounded in the wild, and everyone loves a good cause! If you're an educational sponge, soak up some nature knowledge at the Big Bear Discovery Center, where you can learn all about this majestic valley. Even if you have young kids in your party, they will have fun outside in the Adventure Zone built just for them to crawl, climb and jump around in.

Take a hike or Take a tour

You may be itching to stretch those legs after the couple of hours spent in the car but someone in your group keeps complaining that they want to see more than just the flora and fauna side of things. Well, maybe you can agree to disagree? While some of your friends take a hike – Woodland Trail, Cougar Crest, Pine Knot – just to name a few, the others in your group may want to soar above it all with a outdoor tour from Helicopter Big Bear or take a rough and tumble four-wheel-drive experience with a Jeep Tour. Big Bear Lake is famous for its lake with 22 miles of shoreline, so why ride a jet ski, paddle activity or take a chance at fishing? Even if your idea of a vacation is to sit back, you can do that too, just by visiting the downtown Village and have a spa day finished off with a beer or mimosas at one of the many rustic, welcoming breweries, bars or pubs.

If your destination is Big Bear this summer and fall, then there are loads of different ways to see and experience the Great Outdoors. Driving around, flying around, walking around, swimming around and biking around are just some of the many ways to connect with nature and your friends and family on a road trip to one of the best destinations in Southern California. There are various events and competitions every weekend, including concerts and fall festivals. I hear the Oktoberfest is soon to arrive! If there ever was a time for a road to Big Bear Lake, it should be now!

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