Formal Afternoon Tea at Apples Bed & Breakfast

Get To Know Big Bear: Apples Afternoon Tea

Posted: 07/17/20

Take tea for your mind, body, and soul!

When is the last time you stopped, sat, and sipped a delectable tea while nibbling on scones, petite sandwiches and handmade pastry? The Apples Bed & Breakfast welcomes guests to their newest dining experience, Formal Afternoon Tea, presented every Saturday in their beautiful garden! General Manager and Certified Tea Specialist Tracy Mahr tells the story of bringing tea to the long time Apples Bed & Breakfast.

Having previously run a formal tea service in Napa Valley, she noticed upon coming to Big Bear that nobody else offered a similar experience.

"There wasn't anything like that in Big Bear and I saw it as an offering that could bring people to Apples and also to enjoy our be able to have tea in the garden is just like the cream on the cake!" Mahr explained that for now, "it's about getting the word out there that there is a place to have tea in Big Bear and it is Apples."

Apples Bed & Breakfast in Big Bear Lake

Apples Afternoon Tea service includes a pot of tea per person and selection of petite tea sandwiches, pastries, and desserts. And what's more? Everything is handmade, in house, from scratch!

Mahr takes pride in preparing each menu item - like her Grandmother's lemon curd and Devonshire style creme - and switches up the selections from week to week. Her experience as a chef in Europe shows in the unique pairings of flavors that offer a bit of a twist and branch away from traditional tea service menus. Some items are even created to compliment the favors in the teas!

Apples B&B spring garden Big Bear Lake

So what's the meaning of tea? Mahr explained that she has somewhat of an affinity for formality and elegance which can clearly be seen in the presentation of her afternoon teas. Complete with painted teacups, formal napkins, silverware and plates, Afternoon Tea is an event that goes completely against the fast paced, fast food society that we've become accustomed to over the decades.

"Tea is something fun for your mind, your body, and your spirit. It's time taken to pause and sit and relax and enjoy a moment in the afternoon with friends, all around a pot of tea."

Apples' Afternoon Tea is open to all, you do not need to be a guest of the B&B. Be sure to get your reservation in by Fridays at 3 PM to enjoy the next day. Price per person is $30. Call (909) 866-0903.

Formal Afternoon Tea at Apples Bed and Breakfast


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