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Top 10 Free Summer Activities In Big Bear

Posted: 07/29/13 | By Matt McCabe

Big Bear has so many great activities and attractions to offer during the summer, I thought this would be a good time to cover some free summer activities.

However, as I set out to write this article, I found it extremely difficult to come up with a list of my favorite activities here in Big Bear. In the end, rather than creating a list of activities with universal appeal, I chose to focus on a number of free summer activities here in Big Bear. So without further ado, I present my top 10 FREE Summer Activities in Big Bear!

1.) Hiking: Hiking is easily one of the most popular activities in Big Bear. It's a year round activity, and other than the cost of an Adventure Pass for the day (the Big Bear Visitor's Center sells Adventure Passes for $5 if you pay cash or $6 if you use a credit card) it is completely free. You can find a map of the various trails in our Visitor Guide. Rather than just suggest my favorite location, I polled my fellow bloggers in the office and we came up with three excellent trails and locations.