A fisherman shows his trout catch

Fishing Is At Top Of Mind

Posted: 03/18/14 | By Daniel

Here in Big Bear, fishing is now at the top of mind. I’m trying to get a head start on what is expected to be a fabulous fishing season this spring.

Southern California weather is one of the most sought after climates in the world. This winter proved it as the Midwest and East Coast got hammered with the polar vortex. Even though people from these regions are envious of our sun-kissed weather, the actuality of it is this season was very unusual weather, even for Southern California.

Spring in Big Bear Lake

My hat goes off to the Big Bear Mountain Resorts team for the ability to deliver good snow coverage considering the situation. The ski and snowboard season is still happening at Bear Mountain, so there are still opportunities close to home if you want to get in some turns. I still plan to get in one more day this week; however my way of thinking is starting to shift.

Fishing is now at the top of mind.

I have already bought a new fishing rod, and plan to get a new reel later this week. I'm trying to get a head start on what is expected to be a fabulous fishing season this spring.

I've already spotted some anglers getting an early start on the season. Why not? After all the weather conditions are ideal for shoreline fishing. If you prefer trolling from a boat, then you will be glad to know the marinas in Big Bear Lake plan to open earlier than usual, so boat rentals will soon be available. Be sure to check back, and I will be sure to report when the marinas open for the season. If you have your own boat the public launch ramps will open April 1.

No matter if you choose shoreline fishing or from a boat, the one thing I do know for certain is the rainbow trout in Big Bear Lake are hungry. In the next two or three months trout will be chomping at just about anything that is thrown their way. If you like trout then Big Bear Lake is the best spot in Southern California. Not only do you get a great day of fishing, but the scenery that surrounds is superb!

I recently drove along the north shore to investigate and see what the early-season anglers are having any luck with. The very first fellow I approached was grinning from ear to ear. He had just reeled in a good-sized two-pounder five minutes upon my arrival. He said he was using Pautzke Fire Bait, and said it was his second of the day. The first one he caught was too small so he threw it back. I also ran into a group of guys from Pasadena that came up to snowboard in the morning and fish later in the afternoon. They had been fishing for a couple hours, but no one in their party had reeled anything in yet. They did however claim to get a few good bites. One of the guys explained to me that it doesn’t really matter if they catch anything because they got to snowboard in the morning, and he said now it’s all about enjoying the beauty of the mountains while trying to reel in a good-sized trout.

String of Trout Fish Big Bear Lake CA

The spots that seem to have the best potential right now are on the north shore from Juniper Point to the Solar Observatory. The other key spots are at the Dam on north shore side to Windy Point. These areas are well-known as hot spots during the spring months.

I plan to get a new reel this week, stock up on some bait, and possibly buy some new lures. Once I get all of my new gear in line, then I'm ready to catch some big holdover rainbow trout. The weather is great, and there is plenty of shoreline to find a good spot to fish.

Two of Big Bear Lake's fishing tournaments are now open for registration. The May Trout Classic is May 17 and 18 and Fishin' for $50K is scheduled for June 7 and 8. These tournaments always add to the excitement to the fishing season because they stock the lake well with trophy-sized fish and they give out some great prizes from rod and reel combos to cold hard cash. In fact, what could be more exciting than the opportunity to catch a trout with a tag on its fin that is worth $50,000?

My mind is made up; I plan to turn the next couple of months into a fishing frenzy in Big Bear Lake. I hope to reel in some big ones and get my barbeque fired up earlier than usual this spring.

Reel em in,

Daniel Pea