Fall colors along Big Bear Towne Trail

Fall Foliage Still Vibrant Around Big Bear Valley

Posted: 10/11/13 | By Daniel

Big Bear's fall foliage were able to hold despite recent snowfall. If you like photography bring your camera to snap shots of the blazing fall leave colors.

Fall Leaves Hold – Capture Autumn Hues Now!

Big Bear's fall foliage was able to hold despite the recent snowfall. This week Big Bear received three inches of snow, and has since melted away. The early snow is a great indicator of a great winter season coming up. This was just a slight taste of the white stuff, and great news of course for those getting geared up for the winter season.

There is even better news for those who are planning to make a trip up to Big Bear to capture photos of Big Bear's autumn hues. Most of the oaks, poplars, cottonwoods and other trees are holding their beautiful fall colors. The weather channel has issued a "Go Now!" alert for Big Bear because this week the trees are peaking throughout Big Bear Valley. If you like photography it is suggested that you bring your camera to snap some shots of the blazing fall leave colors.

Images of fall foliage

Just about every trail in Big Bear Valley will lead you to great spots to take photos of Big Bear's fall leaves. Some of the suggested trails are Castle Rock Trail or Pine Knot Trail on the south shore, and Grout Bay Trail on the north shore. There are some great red-leaf trees peppered throughout the town of Big Bear, but are starting to bow down to Mother Nature's winds, and slowly losing its leaves.

On your way up to Big Bear take Hwy. 330 to Hwy. 18. Once you pass through Running Springs you will notice some great fall foliage from Arrowbear to Big Bear Dam. Be sure to take your time on your drive up the mountain, and occasionally stop at a turn out to stretch and enjoy the beautiful fall colors that surround. There are plenty of great photo opportunities so be sure to take lots of pictures.

The most famous spot in the Big Bear region is Aspen Grove off Hwy. 38 about a 15 minute drive east of Big Bear has already peaked early last week. However, this spot is still great because you will get a variety of leave colors from yellow to orange to brown. The other great thing about this spot is you can continue on the Aspen Grove trail and see some great black oaks that have some fabulous golden hues happening right now.

Photo Contest - Win Notoriety

If you plan to snap some photos of the autumn hues make sure to enter your photos in Big Bear's Fall Colors Photo Contest. If your photo wins it will get published in Big Bear's official 2014 Visitors Guide and you will get recognized for your photo. This will give you notoriety for your photography skills, and your photo will be seen by hundreds of thousands of people. All you need to do is take a trip up to Big Bear, bring your camera, snap some shot of Big Bear's fall foliage and then simply enter your photos through Instagram, Twitter or Facebook using the tag #FallForBigBear. The contest is open now through November 1, 2013. Enter as many photos as you like, and have fun with it.

Fall for Big Bear,

Daniel Pea