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Big Bear's New Skyline Trail – Ready For Action

Posted: 12/10/12 | By Daniel

This spring Big Bear's new Skyline Trail will be ready for hiking and biking along its 3.5 miles path to enjoy a new view of Big Bear's spectacular scenery.

This Sunday, I was part of a team of more than 50 volunteers that worked together to build Big Bear's new Skyline Trail. The team consisted of local mountain bikers, hiking enthusiasts, US Forest Service personnel, Big Bear Cycling board members, Snow Summit's junior ski race team, second-home owners, City of Big Bear Lake officials, and of course the gregarious Big Bear Valley Trails Foundation staff. I was thrilled to see Big Bear's community come out in full force with such enthusiasm and determination to get this beautiful, fresh multi-use trail constructed. Everyone chipped in from building berms, re-enforcing erosion areas, building protective areas around trees, clearing away unnecessary debris, and compacting the dirt.

It was the final trail building day of the year for this brand new trail, and there were lots of rakes, shovels, rock bars, hedging shears and picks in action. By the end of the day, the team achieved such great progress that it appears this spring Big Bear's Skyline Trail will be ready for hiking boots, bike tires and horseshoes. It already has 3.5 ride-able miles one way. That means there is 7 miles round trip to enjoy a new perspective of Big Bear's spectacular scenery.

Big Bear's new Skyline Trail is a single-track trail that is located on the backside of Snow Summit. It begins where the US Forest service roads 2N10 and 2N06 meet. The trail parallels the 2N10, and snakes from east to west. For mountain biking it is rated as an intermediate trail with some technical spots. It offers some great s-turns and a fair share of rolling inclines and declines. It currently finishes at Snow Point Road, which is a ½ mile west of Power Line Road. The views come complete with a Mount San Gorgonio in the background offering an absolute WOW factor!

Some of the key advantages of the new Big Bear trail is that it offers more intimacy and challenges that a forest service road can't offer, and it definitely has much more of a thrill component. Of course, one of the main reasons for the trail is to separate hikers, mountain bikers and horseback riders from motorized vehicles, making it safer than being on a forest service road.

The Skyline Trail is going to be the backbone of a new South Shore trails system with connections to existing trails and more trails in the future. First and foremost however is the Big Bear Valley Trails Foundation and US Forest Service is committed to completing this sensational new single track. Come springtime the crews will be at it again to help complete the trail to become 7.5 miles one way, with an even longer-term goal to extend the trail to 15 miles out and back. That means the overall goal is 30 miles round trip of fresh new single-track for an exceptional experience in the mountains.

Whether you are into mountain biking, hiking or horseback riding we invite you to come up to Big Bear this spring to enjoy this new single-track multi use trail. After all, it is built for pleasure!

See you on the trail,

Daniel Pea