Snow covers the yard of a Big Bear cabin

Big Bear Offers A True Cabin Experience

Posted: 12/04/14 | By Tina Hauer

Big Bear's private cabin rentals offer you the warmth of home but the experience of a new, exciting location to make all your own for your vacation.

Big Bear Lake has some of Southern California's biggest and greatest adventures, and there may be more adventure in where you may stay in Big Bear Lake than in most any other resort community. If you are looking for a break from the basic hotel or motel lodging options, nothing can beat the experience of renting a private cabin for a charming getaway or a longer stay any time of the year. Private home rentals offer you the warmth of home but the experience of a new, exciting location to make all your own for your vacation - away from the city hustle, work and daily grind of life.

Inside Big Bear Cabin

I wanted to have easy planning and little heartache when booking my vacations for my extended family, which included very picky aunts and uncles and don't forget Grandma's opinion! We can all relate to the difficulties of making someone happy, especially your family, and a vacation is not any different than any other family gathering. Big Bear Lake was our destination of choice and we wanted the full cabin experience. The private home experience is something new to us and I had no idea where to start! After checking out Big Bear's website,, I decided my ambitions to plan our vacation on my own was too stressful and I felt overwhelmed by the amount of options afforded to me. After glancing over the website (and finding a plethora of great activities!) I decided my best bet was to call the toll free number listed on the site, 800-424-4232, for some expert advice.

Much to my surprise, I was placed in touch with a person who lived in the Big Bear Lake area. We chatted for a while about my expected arrival dates, guest size and wish list. We spoke for a long time and she answered all my questions I had about the weather and local happenings. We sorted through a small list of private homes and I decided I wanted to investigate a little more into the companies of private homes/cabins that offered. It was not an easy task, but I began to note the many and varied selections offered by the private home rental companies.

It seems that Big Bear Cool Cabins and Big Bear Vacations offered the largest selection of all, over 300 cabins each, the latter including a luxury home with a pool! We did not need anything quite that fancy for our vacation, but if YOU do, they seemed likely to have it, along with smaller dwellings. Village Reservation also offered me a varied selection of over 125+ properties in various areas of town.

Gold Rush Resort Rentals offered me several home choices and the added amenity of FUN – next door to their office, they run a gold mining experience for gold and gems that both children and adults will love participating in. You can take home both the treasures AND the treasured memories.

RS Vacations and Big Bear Luxury Properties have a list of homes inside and around central Big Bear Lake and Big Bear City. You can find homes with grand foyers, hot tubs and even luxurious converted game rooms! Resort Town Rentals offers a friendly front desk and even a huge home topping off at 9 bedrooms! It seemed like any one of these places would provide me with a true paradise in the Big Bear Valley.

Big Bear Lake offers resort cabins too, and some of those companies manage larger personal homes adjacent or near their resorts, including Grey Squirrel Vacation Homes and Cal-Pine Chalets. What so great about that? You have the luxury of using the resort onsite facilities AND staying in a private Big Bear cabin typically just blocks away. Grey Squirrel even has a seasonal pool! Resorts can offer you and your guests BBQs, washer and dryer access, concierge services and even a playground for the kiddos. If you want a private home with the bonuses of a resort community, this may be the route for you!

After reviewing the amount of information, needs, locations and bedroom layouts, I finally decided on a rental and it was worth all the emails, time and even money spent to secure the perfect vacation for my family.