Chili in a pot

How A Cook Preps For The Upcoming Big Bear Chili Cook-Off

Posted: 07/01/13 | By Rhrabia

It's that time of year again where I roll up my sleeves, put an apron on and start cooking for the Big Bear Chili Cook-off.

It's two weeks away, but I haven't cooked any chili since last year. I have been cooking in the Chili Cook-off, held on July 13th this year, for probably about the last six years. I wish I could say that my recipe is some old family secret from when my great grandfather was in the war, but unfortunately it's copied from several recipes on the Internet. Over the years though I have modified it and added some secret ingredients. Many people have tried to guess what is it, but none have really succeeded. I can tell you that I have nothing in my chili that is too unusual.

Big Bear Chili Cook-off booths

So my first step in prepping for the cook-off is to reproduce the recipe from last year