A winter view of Big Bear Lake from Snow Summit

Bear Mountain Is The Place To Ride & Chill

Posted: 02/28/13 | By Daniel

Every time I go to Bear Mountain, the minute I set foot on the slopes, I am immediately reminded of what it is I love so much about the resort.

It's likely that for these same reasons, from the sad day when the mountain closes for the season to the time when it reopens, I find myself day dreaming about my next ride there. Some of these reasons are more tangible, more explainable than others, but, in short, I think it's because there is no other place quite like it in the world.

Scenes of snow sports in Big Bear

For starters, the weather in Big Bear is spectacular! There was a time in my life when going on a ski trip meant bundling up in multiple layers, so thick and restricting that I could barely move, let alone effectively navigate down the mountain. Here at Bear Mountain that is rare. The sun is always shining, and for the majority of the season the temperatures are pleasant enough to make the extra socks, long underwear, bibbed snow-pants, and forearm length Gore-Tex gloves a thing of the past. When riding at Bear, you're more likely to see people dressed as they would for a trip to the grocery store or local watering hole than for a wintery expedition.

Beyond that, what I find more impressive about Bear Mountain is the level of riders you see here on a daily basis. Its common to bump into a local pro on the deck or in the lift lines and see them filming their video parts right in the midst of the same features you are riding. To me, that was always rather surreal. You're watching live the same people that you read about in magazines or watch in videos. And maybe because of the close-knit, local feel at Bear Mountain, it always seems these professional athletes fit in naturally and humbly with the rest of the crowds on the slopes.

Whether you're a skier or snowboarder, it's undeniable that Bear Mountain continues to elevate winter sports. If the years of videos Bear Mountain has put out aren't proof enough, then take a few laps and see for yourself. There are people on the slopes from all over the world, and they're here because they know Bear Mountain is a place where they can hone in on their skills and ride some of the most carefully manicured slopes and park features available today. Just last week I met folks from England, Ireland, Russia, Japan, and from all corners of the United States. They come here to stay and ride for the winter because they know it's the best place to chill and do what they're here to do, which is to have fun.

And for me, yesterday was no different than any other day on the slopes in Big Bear...just pure pleasure!

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