Highlander Adventure - Big Bear Lake

June 19 - 23, 2024. Registration is open!

Highlander invites participants to ascend from their daily routines and take part in this adventure of a lifetime connecting with nature, becoming a steward for the environment, and trekking towards a better self. Step out of your comfort zone and prepare for a multi-day stay in nature where you're completely self-sustained.

Highlander rule #1: IT IS NOT A RACE.

Registration & Info


Choose your adventure:

  • HIGHLANDER Ursa Major (103 miles) - 5 days
  • HIGHLANDER Hercules (65 miles) – 5 days
  • HIGHLANDER Pegasus (34 miles) – 3 days
  • HIGHLANDER Orion (18 miles) – 2 days
  • HGIHLANDER Lyra (15 miles) - 1 day

All distances are approximate. Highlanders must be self-sustained with:

  • Sleep system (tent, bivouac or hammock)
  • Cook system (cutlery, gas stove, gas for stove)
  • Compass
  • Minimum 2L of water (at Start)
  • First aid supplies (bandages, adhesive tape, pain relievers…)

Format Details

Black and white Highlander logo of big horned sheep and the title Highlander.

"Though highlander is a long-distance hiking event, it's not just for professional hikers...

but those who love nature and are eager for outdoor activity. Trails are carefully designed so every route offers a unique experience and story to take home."

"Sustainability, Preservation, & Promotion of Nature"

"Highlander stands for nature preservation and educating participants on the right way to treat nature - by respecting it. Our event promotes natural beauty, healthy living, and enjoying nature. Our philosophy: Take only pictures, leave only footprints. We strive to follow principles of sustainability during Highlander hiking events, nature has given us everything and asked for nothing in return. We can repay our debt to nature by taking care of it and safekeeping it for future generations."

At checkpoints along the routes, Highlanders will set up camp to cook, rest, connect with fellow Highlanders, and talk with stewards on the importance and implementation of sustainability practices.

Highlander Specials

Lodging Specials

  • Big Bear Vacations - Save 10% on your stay of 2 or more nights when you take on the Highlander challenge.