Event Date: Sept. 25, 2021
Registration & Details:
Phone: (909) 866-8000

Gran Fondo 30K - Ridgeline Course

Starting in the Village of Big Bear Lake, riders will pedal up Pine Knot Avenue then up Knickerbocker Road. Following signs to the 2N08 fire road, the pedal continues to Pine Knot Trail (1E01), then on to 2N10 (great photo op of San Gorgonio from Grand View Point!) From there, riders pedal along 2N10 Eastbound on the ridgeline until the beginning of Skyline Trail. Riders will travel along Skyline until the turn around point, then reverse and finish in The Village once again.

Gran Fondo 50K - Skyline Trail Course

The 50K route is a complete tour of Big Bear's Skyline Trail offering a bigger challenge than the 30K Ridgeline ride but without the dreaded Radford Road climb. Riders start in the Village of Big Bear Lake, travel up Pine Knot Avenue and over to Knickerbocker Road. Adjacent to the historic Knickerbocker Mansion, the route continues up the 2N08 fire road and climbs until the start of Pine Knot Trail (1E01) single track. The leg burning climb continues until the 2N10 fire road. Riders will then travel along 2N10 Eastbound, following signs to Skyline Trail with the best views in the Valley. At the turn around, riders will head back to 2N10, connect to 2N17, 2N08 and back down to the finish.

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Grizzly 75/100K

The Grizzly National Ultra Endurance Race course offers epic technical riding on some of Southern California’s best single track right in the heart of the San Bernardino mountains. This race draws some of the top mountain bikers from around the world with 100K of riding and 10,000 vertical feet of climb – are you tough enough?

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