Pebble plains flowers bloom in Big Bear

Summer Blooms Paint The Big Bear Trails With Color

Posted: 06/29/10 | By Daniel

If you have been out on the trails lately, you might have noticed a change in the landscape.

The mountains seem to be leaving the lush color of green behind for a canvas painted in orange, purple, red, yellow and white. Flowers and their brilliance accompanied by a sweet scent, it's making hiking, running and biking a bit more interesting.

I went for a quick run on the PCT this morning, a carpet of tiny purple and white flowers slowed my pace as I admired the perfection of a native landscape. Why can't my yard look like this? I ran past Indian paintbrush, Sea Fig, Columbine and Lupine. I even came across an entire meadow of wild Iris earlier this week, shocked because I had never seen them before despite having mountain biked the trail for years.

The constant change makes me hike, ride and run the same Big Bear trails week after week. Checking for changes and waiting patiently for my two favorites - Lemon Lily and Corn Lily, to arrive.

Earning my turns, Glade Girl