Memorial Day Weekend Drone Light Show

Posted: 05/10/22

Show will be weather permitting due to high winds, decision will be made at 9:15 PM.

The Memorial Weekend Drone Show will be streamed in the video below. The countdown will begin at 9 PM, and the show will begin at 9:15 PM. Be sure to click the 'play' button to begin the video stream.

Memorial Weekend Drone Show

Visit Big Bear originally planned to host a fireworks show Sunday, May 29 in honor of the Memorial Weekend holiday. Due to the presence of the young eaglet in the bald eagle nest, a fireworks show is too risky due to the noise and pyrotechnic activity. So.....

In lieu of fireworks, Visit Big Bear will host a silent drone light show for that Sunday, May 29! Visit Big Bear has teamed up with Hire UAV Pro to put on this new event. The show will be free to all spectators however a few important notes to remember:

  • The drone show will reach a height of 400 feet, so your location will affect your view.
  • The drone show will be best enjoyed from the north and south shores where you can get a view from the front and the back. Views from the side may be less visible.
  • Find your viewing spot early as crowds are anticipated.

The show will begin at approx. 9:15 PM when the sun has completely gone down. The local radio station KBHR will host a patriotic musical accompaniment to the show available on 93.3 and 102.5 FM. Listen from the car or take your radio lakeside!

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