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Hey Siri! 6 Things To Ask Your Virtual Assistant Before Heading to Big Bear

Posted: 07/28/22

Here’s 6 top questions to ask your virtual assistant (or research online) before heading to Big Bear.

Which Route is Best?

Whether you’re a Waze-r or a Google goer, map out your route before you leave the driveway. We all have routes that we default to but check out all the freeway options to find the most time efficient route. Road maintenance and repairs along Big Bear’s 3 mountain roads are common throughout the Spring, Summer, and Fall. Check ahead of time for any traffic delays or closures before you start up the hill.

See main routes to Big Bear here >>> GETTING HERE

Or follow road condition updates from CalTrans >>> TRAFFIC CONDITIONS Under Quickmap Options, select all the boxes under road conditions for full information.

What’s the Weather?

Just because it’s gloomy (or sunny) at home, doesn’t mean it’ll be that way in Big Bear. Check the current Big Bear weather before you head off and the future forecast for all the days you’ll be visiting. Also be aware that weather can change quickly in Big Bear. It’s not unheard of for a sunshiny day to get rainy and cold, then switch back to sunshine all within 30-40 mins. Pack for all the possibilities!

CHECK THE WEATHER or just use the weather widget on your phone.

What Events are Happening?

You probably have a good idea of what you’re visiting for and what your plans are in Big Bear. Regardless, keep an eye on other events and activities happening during your visit that you can easily jump in on.

Find all the best Big Bear happenings here >>> COMMUNITY EVENTS and check out some bigger events happening this year here >>> ANNUAL EVENTS

What are the closest restaurants to my cabin/hotel?

Big Bear lacks little in the way of dining style or type of food. We’ve got everything from Chinese and Italian, Indian and Hawaiian, and more! There’s fast food and sit down, sports bars and dessert shops, pizza parlors and breweries, the list goes on. Take your pick and make your plan here >>> DINING OPTIONS

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