The Village in winter

Early Season Skiing And Riding In The Big Bear Valley

Posted: 11/18/11 | By Daniel

Just in time for the 2011 Thanksgiving Holiday, both Snow Summit and Bear Mountain are open and epic for early season skiing and riding.

Despite warm temps and limited snowfall, early season skiing and riding are super fun. I had a chance to take a few laps on Monday and Tuesday. It felt like April - sunny, a chill vibe, and no crowds. Summit has four runs open and Bear Mountain has three.

Of course, that's today. The weathermen are forecasting a winter storm heading our way. Accumulations are sketchy, anywhere from an inch to several. No one's making any promises but there is some good news for next week. Temps are dipping and it's going to get colder, a lot colder. That means snowmaking. And for now, we'll take snow from any source. It