Anesthesia: Tribute To Metallica

  • 40789 Village Dr
  • Big Bear Lake, California 92315
  • Time:
    8:00 PM
  • Location: Village Sports Bar
(909) 878-0099 website

Hailing from San Diego, the dynamic quartet known as Anesthesia is set to deliver an electrifying tribute to Metallica at Village Sports Bar in Big Bear Lake. This night is not just any concert—it's a beacon for fans of all ages to come together and immerse themselves in the timeless music of Metallica. Whether you're a lifelong Metallica devotee or a recent convert to the powerful currents of rock, this all-ages concert is your ticket to a night of unforgettable melodies and rhythms.

Nestled in the heart of Big Bear Lake, Village Sports Bar offers the perfect setting for this musical homage, boasting an electric vibe and a welcoming environment for live music lovers from every generation. It’s an ideal venue for families, friends, and solo attendees to experience the unity and excitement of a community brought together by their shared passion for Metallica's legendary sound.

Experience the thrill of hearing Metallica's iconic hits and deep cuts alike, all performed with the raw energy and authenticity Anesthesia is known for. These four musicians from San Diego not only share an exceptional talent for capturing the essence of Metallica's music but also embody the spirit and vibrancy of the rock genre. Their performance promises to resonate with attendees of every age, making it a perfect outing for everyone from young rock enthusiasts to seasoned concert-goers.

Tickets are priced at an accessible $15, ensuring that this extraordinary musical journey is open to all. This event represents a unique opportunity to celebrate the monumental impact Metallica has had on the music world, brought to life by Anesthesia's passionate and skillful tribute.

As space is limited and the allure of Metallica's music knows no bounds, securing your ticket promptly is highly recommended. Prepare to be part of a night that not only honors the legacy of Metallica but also showcases the universal appeal of rock music across ages. Join us on June 22nd at Village Sports Bar for a concert experience that promises to be a highlight of the summer for every attendee, regardless of age.

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