Riddle Routes

  • 40701 Village Dr
  • Big Bear Lake, California 92315
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Find clues, solve riddles, answer trivia and discover points of interest to learn more about the history and culture around you! Riddle Routes is phone-guided fun, ready to play at your convenience.
Use code word BIG BEAR to save $10 for your team.

Route: 1.5 miles, moderate walk

Time: ≈ 1+ hours (suggest daylight hours)
How to Play:
Upon purchase you'll view the route details and click the game link. Go to the starting location with your team and begin playing! Each riddle guides you along the route and loops you back to the start.
What you Need:

- Your team of 2-4 people
- Fully charged smartphone/device and a notepad.
- Comfortable shoes, weather-ready gear & water
Note: Downloads are limited so only open the route details when you're ready to play.