Grateful Heart Animal Sanctuary

  • 47022 Lakeview Road
  • Big Bear City, California 92314
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At Grateful Heart Animal Sanctuary we have a vision…
It is of a serene place where Farm Animals who have suffered abuse, neglect, abandonment, or are at risk can live out the remainder of their lives in peace. A place where Farm Animals with special needs will get the care, love and attention that they deserve. A new home for those who's family can no longer care for them due to extreme health circumstances, age or disability. A loving forever home where each animal will be cared for and all their needs will be met.
We strive to provide a loving, caring and compassionate environment where each animal will be appreciated, respected and loved for who they are…unconditionally.
A place where their physical, mental, emotional and social needs will be met.
A place of healing and transformation, not just for the animals, but also for those who volunteer their time, talent and service to help care for them and the sanctuary.
A place where people can go and spend quiet time to experience the healing nature of these beautiful creatures. We aspire to have programs in the future for people with special needs, children, our veterans, the elderly, those who are suffering with PTSD, depression, loneliness or who just want to surround themselves within the peaceful atmosphere that Grateful Heart Animal Sanctuary provides. A place of learning, not only about the animals, but also about ourselves.
We believe that through helping the animals, they in return can help us heal. They can bless us with purpose and their gentle energy can soothe us. We aspire to make a difference in the lives of these precious animals and in the lives of people and our community.
YOU are invited to share our vision!