Gold Rush Mining Co.

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If you like gemstones, rocks, minerals, crystals and fossils you'll delight in our gemstone panning and exploration adventures. Children and adults of all ages equally enjoy the panning experience! Whether it's your first time or you are an expert, we are here to assist in your experience. No matter how many times you pan you will always take home something different. Each discovery station offers a dissimilar experience in the reveal process. It's always an adventure! Did you know that geodes originated from the lava produced by volcanoes? Geodes were once bubbles within lava that became encased with mineral rich fluid. Over time, millions of years, the fluid cooled and formed crystals. Have you ever broke one yourself? Now is your opportunity to do just that! Gift Shop: Explore a mine cave environment for an eclectic array of individual gemstones, minerals, crystals, jewelry, decor, toys, souvenirs and more! New items are installed frequently. A section is designated to health & healing stones, birth month and zodiac gems.