Fall colors along Towne Trail

Mountain Biking Into October

Posted: 09/28/12 | By Daniel

Fall Colors to be Seen From Local Big Bear Mountain Biking Trails.

Mountain Biking on Trails in Big Bear

As September rolls around typical signs of a long California summer begin to show its fall colors in the Big Bear area, such as dusty terrain, browning leaves and pine needles falling around our mountain biking trails. This year however, August and September brought several days of monsoon weather that swept across the Big Bear Valley each afternoon. Clouds rolled in and flashed spectacular lightning shows and dumped buckets of rain.

So now we roll into this October with sweet tacky trails, trees full of life and wild flowers still in full bloom! Our mountain bike trails are as good as it gets right now and with the summer heat long gone. The mountain biking right now is sweet! Since the prime summer season is over, the trails are less crowded and lodging rates are more affordable. This is a perfect time to plan a little mountain biking trip to Big Bear because this Rocktober, the riding rules!

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