Common area at Big Bear hostel lodging

Here's Why You Should Consider Staying At One Of Big Bear's Hostels.

Posted: 10/10/14

Contact facilities directly to confirm what amenities are offered during the coronavirus pandemic.

No, we're not talking about the scary, 2005 film directed by Eli Roth which features hostels as nightmare hunting grounds. We're referring to the traveler friendly and adventure oriented accommodation offered by some knowledgeable hosts!

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Hostels may better be known for their dorm style lodging and communal amenities like shared bathrooms and kitchen areas. While this is true, private rooms and bathrooms are available for rent if you like your privacy. If you're thinking hostel style accommodation are a bit...casual, consider the positives you'll get out of this unique experience.

Hostels offer a cheaper option for lodging. Since many of the essential - like bedrooms, the kitchen, and bathrooms - are shared with your fellow lodgers, pricing is far more budget friendly than competing hotels and lodges. As mentioned, private rooms are available but expect to pay a higher fee for these.

More often then not, guests at hostels are adventure oriented and very open-minded. Meeting fellow travelers is a perk all on its own and a communal style of living brings people together. Share your adventure stories and hear about other travelers' endeavors while sitting around the firepit or lounge.

Your hosts are local experts! They can give you a real sense for what activities will best suite your interests.