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Big Bear Cycling Association

Posted: 05/09/11 | By Daniel

This past week the Big Bear Cycling Association hosted an open house at Nottingham's Tavern. A mini expo folks for many of the cycling-friendly area businesses were on hand to give out freebies but mostly talk about riding in Big Bear Lake.

It was a super cool vibe and awesome to experience people coming together to acknowledge that riding in Big Bear, whether you prefer road or trail, is gaining momentum in the Valley not to mention probably one of the best all around places to ride in So Cal.

I showed up with a general idea of what the Association was about and decided to join. It's awesome to have the opportunity to support anything related to outdoor adventure in our small community.

What I didn't know are the many benefits you get with being a member including Valley-wide bike emergency pick-up. While I have a few other life links out there it's nice to know there is a kind stranger at the other end of the line is willing to come pick me up if I ever break down and can't seem to help myself out of it. That's pretty committed to making sure anyone who rides in Big Bear has a good time!

Of course the biggest bonus is the schedule of group rides, there is one almost every day of the week. And you don't have to be an expert or local to join or participate. These rides run the gamut: offered at every level and open to anyone.

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